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Hello, I saw your booth at the CBC Craft Show and I was looking for the long fegsirlens gloves. You only had the brown pair left and I really wanted a black pair. You were actually knitting a pair while we were speaking and they were grey with small hints of black. These would be fine with me as the colour goes with everything that I have. So I would basically like to order a pair of the longer gloves. Please get back to me and let me know when you will be able to make the gloves and when we can meet. Thanks very much. Looking forward to the gloves!
Kommentoija: amona | 13.10.2015 5.17
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Kommentoija: racye | 02.12.2015 8.34
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Kommentoija: Kaden | 05.12.2015 4.03
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Kommentoija: rish | 05.12.2015 11.21
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Kommentoija: Jayce | 05.12.2015 13.07
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Kommentoija: Dahrann | 05.12.2015 15.02
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Kommentoija: eyah | 16.12.2015 16.43
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Kommentoija: Boomer | 21.02.2016 7.16
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