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Häkkitaistelija ja Väsynyt-kynäniska nörtti samassa pöydässä.. kuvaan oikeudet omistaa arvon leidi Anna-Leena Hirvonen

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-3- Roger,I think when you get into the area of safety (i.e. fire hyrntdas), there needs to be a specific level of performance to ensure firefighters have the tools necessary to do their jobs. Inversely, people chose bulbs based on their performance levels (i.e. the light levels they produce). This is a personal choice in a lot of cases, especially when you talk about use in the home. Even when you think about lighting standards for public areas, it is about the light required for safety not how efficient the bulb produces that light.One of the areas that has always perplexed me was the contradictions or hypocrisy of these type of issues. For example, I can go buy a speed boat and run it up and down the lake towing water skiers and tubers, I can buy a big screen TV and watch it all day long or I can go to a (insert venue of choice here) that consumes massive amounts of energy for the pure intent of entertaining the masses. Why are these types of largely discretional consumptions of energy allowed as long as one is willing to pay for them, yet I cannot go buy a bulb of my choice? After all, I am willing to pay for it and its consumption.And thing of the children. Where will they be without the Easy Bake Oven!?!?
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