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Analyytikot povaavat USA:n kurssien ampaisevan jopa 18% kasvuun heti ensi vuonna.. Öö vähän ristiriitainen on tuo taloussanomien viesti. Ottaen huomioon että jenkkilä painaa uutta valuuttaa hätäisesti korjatakseen taloutta lääkkeellä jonka jäljet on kovin lyhyet ja auttavat pääosin vain vientiteollisuutta. Tehden dollarista käytännössä puoli-ilmaista paperijätettä. Syynä tietenkin ehkäpä kaikki taalapohjaiset lainat, mitä yhdysvallat ovat riemumielin ottaneet tämä romahdus tiedossa..

Maa jonka eläkejärjestelmästä sana epävakaa atomipommi olisi ehkä kuvaavin ilmaus... Analyytikoilla tuppaa aina vähän heittämään nuo arviot - tai siis eivät aina ihan osu kohdalleen, niinkun analyytikot vielä vuosi sitten povasivat että 14.800 olisi Dow Jones vuoden vaihteessa 08/09 niin miten tuo 8120 tuntuu kovin laimealta eihän teidän analyysienne tarkkuus heittänyt kuin 40-50% totuudesta, eli samaan lopputulokseen ja nopeammin ja varmemmin olisi päässyt kolikolla.. Jos yhdysvallat oppisi vihdoin että haastamalla riitaa ja leikkimällä jonkinasteista maailmanpoliisia, ei saavuteta kuin kotimaahan lama ja ihmisille syvempi vitutus. Bushin toimet olivat USA:n romahduksen tehokkain katalyytti.

"Mikä on viisaampi kuin analyytikko - niin en minkään tiedä. Mut ennen sentään analyytikon tunnisti kristallipallosta ja huivista.. ja lapsia peloiteltiin analyytikoista, jotka taantuman tullen vievät noitavuorelle.. "
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, that would give unfair advngtaae to those who had done poorly on the first exam. It sounds naefve to me now, but prior to coming to law school, I never would have thought about it that way. During the summer after my first year, I asked upperclassmen colleagues at my internship what they did to survive the curve. One colleague advised me to choose electives not based on subject matter or personal interest, but on whether the professors have a track record for being generous graders. Whether the generous grades were the result of incredibly effective teaching or from being out of touch, my colleague advised, was of secondary importance. Getting the grade was all that mattered.Another colleague advised me to get my hands on as many upperclassman outlines as I could find. This strategy, I was told, would be particularly helpful with respect to the Constitutional Law professor I had been assigned, who was known for speaking in riddles and obliterating the grades of students who were unable to regurgitate his musings to the letter. I was especially urged to obtain a copy of a word-for-word class transcript that was rumored to be floating about but was warned that I would probably have to know someone on law review to obtain access to that.Of course, one response to this critique might be that the curve is vital to preparing students for the world of law as it is; the practice of law is competitive, one might argue, and perhaps I should get used to that. But merely because one prefers not to operate in an ultra-competitive environment does not make one less fit to practice law. According to a 2006 study published in the Yale Law Review, Lawyers often equate advocacy with being adversarial, but there are more often situations where lawyers have an ethical duty to encourage collaborative solutions most law school grading structures fail to take this into account. Yale Law, incidentally, does not issue traditional grades or require a grading curve and it is consistently ranked among the top schools in the nation. One colleague confided that if students were evaluated on an objective performance scale, she feared no one would pass certain courses. If true, the institution has deeper problems than any grading scheme could ever remedy. Nevertheless, it raises an interesting point: the curve can provide cover for incompetent students and complacent teachers. Even if no one in a given course learns much of anything, the curve makes it appear that at least some students got it, even if the best and the brightest is actually the least incompetent of the incompetent. Perhaps the most defensible argument for the curve is that it serves much the same purpose as the grading of eggs it helps sort the product for market. But given the uniformity of most law school admittance criteria, statistics suggest the range of student abilities has narrowed over the years, and that the vast majority could truly be said to be above average. Obviously there are many things that go into making someone academically successful, but the fact that gamesmanship is allowed to trump genuine curiosity, and often civility under the current regime, says little about the quality or fairness of the school's sorting mechanism. Various studies have indicated that competitive grading structures, and in particular the curve, have a way of contributing to public perceptions of lawyers as cutthroat, greedy, and otherwise unethical people. According to one study, the adversarial nature of legal education encourages the development of a world view that fosters suspiciousness, hostility, and aggression. Another suggests that in an academic environment governed by the curve, students' values are often deemed irrelevant, or worse yet, systematically attacked, and not replaced with meaningful substitutes leaving a moral vacuum that later allows for the rationalization or denial of even the most egregious conduct. All I know is, when I entered I law school I was much more idealistic, and much less cynical than I am today. That said, if I work hard, and play my cards right, I may just graduate with a B average so I guess learning to think like a lawyer hasn't been a total loss.
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Is the core message in this that law profs sohuld worry less about what their students want than teaching the law as it is - "I don't need to make this relevant to your life, it's already relevant enough to your life, and if you don't see why, you're in the rong place," perhaps?
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