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kannattaa kuunnella, oikeasti kannattaa mennä katsomaan miehen non-verbaalista viestinnän kirjoa kasvoilta ja käsien käymistä tiskipinojen takana..
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Enforcing genderless norms is how annodgyrous people (such as the editorial's writer, image search her) dispel unhappy thoughts about their androgyny.Many of the most impassioned members of the white left demand the social transformations which they believe will erase their disadvantages in social status and what Roissy has termed "sexual market value." Steve's Law of Female Journalism explores this with regard to female writers who are too old or too ugly or both, and I've written at my blog (in the post entitled "Tortured Souls") about how this motivation explains a trend at least one commenter has noted here: the preponderance of unmanly males among white leftists.
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I think there are a couple of drnefieft issues here. Standardized units are not at all the same as efficiency standards. The units help us all communicate and interoperate. The other standards enforce choices that don't always make sense.The lightbulb example is a great place where the government should have stayed out. If people really want the more efficient lightbulbs, then they'll buy them.I'd be fine with it if the government were coming up with a standard of measurement for efficiency or whatever. But not so much for enforcing what they think is right.I'd like to hear more about how "China, India and other rapidly growing nations are adopting standards that speed the deployment of new technologies," and how this factor is more important that the competitive pressures of others deploying technology.
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