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  Name Country class weight squat bench press deadlift total kg points
1 Miikka Heikkinen FIN 125 124.6 370.0 400.0 420.0 245.0 260.0 272.5 300.0 320.0 340.0   1020.0 556.82
2 Pauli Rantanen FIN 110 103.3 340.0 360.0 360.0 250.0 250.0 270.0 300.0 315.0 325.0   935.0 536.69
3 Juha Pylkkänen FIN 100 99.4 330.0 330.0 350.0 245.0 245.0 245.0 300.0 320.0 340.0   915.0 533.26
4 Marko Kemppainen FIN 110 105.4 320.0 340.0 350.0 220.0 240.0 250.0 260.0 270.0     840.0 478.76
5 Samu Huupponen FIN 140 125.8 280.0 300.0 325.0 210.0 230.0 245.0 225.0 250.0 270.0   820.0 446.56
6 Miika Ruuskanen FIN 125 122.9 290.0 310.0 310.0 200.0 220.0 240.0 230.0 250.0 270.0   780.0 427.36
7 Joonas Haapasaari FIN 110 109.7 245.0 265.0 272.5 180.0 200.0 210.0 190.0 200.0 217.5   700.0 394.03
8 Rami Eerikäinen FIN 110 102.0 300.0 310.0 325.0 210.0 225.0 235.0 55.0       600.0 346.02
  Eero Jälkö FIN 125 118.8 400.0 400.0 400.0 265.0 265.0 265.0 315.0          
  Tero Martikainen FIN 125 120.4       190.0 190.0 220.0            
  Jaani Vilen FIN 125 124.5       300.0 310.0 320.0
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Kommentoija: Anzzi | 05.10.2008 23.55
i started rideang the book today while i was waiting for my physical therapy session. i was rideang nora roberts' the last hope although i was almost finished but i didn't want to be without a book to read. i'm on chapter 10!!! i'm going to give up nora for you lori!!!!!
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