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tässä muutama body actionin vaatteita esitelleen Emilian kuvia,
kuvaajana toimi ystäväni Kari Hyvönen:

vaatteita löytyy sitten enempi suoraan Kokkosen firmalta kuopion keskustasta :D
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Sewing and cooking aren't pemgraomrd into the female genome as part of their nature. They are tasks that women have traditionally done as part of the division of household labor because it made sense them to do it. Boys can and should learn at least basic sewing and cooking.But play centered on relationships or childcare come naturally to girls because nature has made them that way. I recall hearing a female psychiatrist speaking about an experiment at a daycare where only gender neutral toys were allowed, and she mentioned, without disapproval, that the girls would wrap blankets around toy fire engines and pretend they were babies.
Kommentoija: Yusuf | 25.12.2015 6.19
Roger,I thought the new bulbs conitan poisons? Would you want one to break by your child? Still they will get into the landfills like electric cars and accessories. Then leak into our drinking water. Maybe they are getting less poisonous and I'm worried about nothing?Also in Minnesota heat is not waste in a lot of cases. Some electric light bulbs last 100 years.UCLA just figured out how to make algae biodiesel from the proteins instead of lipids. 100 times better than electric cars with their coal electricity, powerlines, EMF radiation from the batteries and electric motor right under where you sit, leukemia etc., mining in Afghanistan and Inner Mongolia. Thanks,Jason-- Jason ThompsonFeature EditorDIESEL POWER Magazine [url=]twpcsd[/url] [link=]nftvbwlhio[/link]
Kommentoija: ama | 28.12.2015 18.08
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