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Hienoja kuveja =) Näkyy olevan sinun käsialanäyte myös Gymin etusivulla.
Kommentoija: Zara | 03.07.2008 13.04
repeal obamacare, reapel frankdodd, jail frank and dodd, reapel sarbanes oxley.And, while you're at it, also reapel Medicare - D, No Child Left Behind, TSA, Dept of Homeland Security (a few changes in intelligence sharing would have taken care of most of the flaws instead of creating a whole new bureaucratic!), and all the other costly things that supposedly make Bush such a horrible fiscal guy to Conservatives! And yes, I'm being serious. As much as Tea Partiers say Bush was horrible as far as spending goes, I've heard not one demand that some of those fiscally irresponsible programs and mandates be re-examined or reapeled. And yes, this does include our greatly increased scope of foreign entanglements under the Bush Presidency. It's why I view many (most?) of the Conservatives running around claiming to be fiscal conservatives as political carpet-baggers, disingenuous at best, frauds at worst. PS. To show where I stand fiscally, here is my voting history. I didn't vote for either Obama or McCain in 2008, because it was obvious neither had a clue about fiscal responsibility. I wrote in Paris Hilton instead as a protest vote. Based on his highlighting of the flaws in base-line budgeting, I did vote for Bush in 2000. I did not vote for him in 04, due to his dropping of the base-line issue like a hot potato(e) as soon as he was sworn into office, and his lack of sound fiscal policy. Didn't vote for Kerry either - left it blank... Which retroactively counts as a hanging chad and a vote for Gore in 2000! :-)
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Kommentoija: Jenay | 02.12.2015 3.28
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Kommentoija: ike | 02.12.2015 4.27
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Kommentoija: Mahaley | 06.12.2015 0.03
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Kommentoija: avrina | 18.12.2015 11.17
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Kommentoija: Derex | 15.01.2016 11.20
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Kommentoija: Jenay | 22.01.2016 8.45
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Kommentoija: Barbi | 23.01.2016 1.47
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Kommentoija: Kaden | 24.01.2016 2.14
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Kommentoija: Carlye | 25.01.2016 1.59
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