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liikenteessä. Jalkapalloilevat miehet ilman elämäntarkoitusta olivat nappisten jaon kohteena...

Sinäänsä ihan hauska yksityiskohta - Sarasvuolla on niskassaan Hurtan ulkoilutakki :D

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I was brought in for a while to the NYT digiatl division as an advisor, perhaps 10-11 years ago.The mentality drove me crazy. It "wasn't invented here" was invented there.Now, as predicted then, the online version would kill the paper version...well here we are and 5 years ago when this could have been eased into and without a loss of readership which is going to happen, they wouldn't be in what will be their death-throes dance.This is beyond stupid.
Kommentoija: tef | 25.12.2015 6.31
-3- Roger,Yes, I agree that there is a great value in hdnaryts, power outlets, etc. And there are some really good reasons to do those.I can't really see how debating a particular standard in Congress is nonsensical (though I suppose that you were directing this at a more general argument about standards), especially when the standard in question was relatively recently put through by Congress.The problem with so much of what Congress does is that the unintended consequences are rarely considered and debated. Lightbulbs? Let's see, inferior output, hazardous materials, predictions of savings due to longevity that were exaggerated.In general, my philosophy of standards is that they should be reactive, not proactive. Once there is a legitimate standard winner, and assuming that there are really good reasons for standards, then, OK.Taking an industry leader in efficiency, however, and mandating that everyone copy it, however, seems really wrong. There are other trade offs that might be very important. Perhaps you've just priced out most of the population from owning a dish washer.Now, if your government has decided to allow your infrastructure to crumble, and is predicting a developing world electrical grid (I'm looking at you, U.K.)...well, maybe you have no other choice now. I think there are better ways to go.
Kommentoija: Wendz | 26.12.2015 3.58
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