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Kävin pyörähtämästä salilla ja hommasin jäsenyyden - pakko oli että sai taas itsensä taas kiinni rytmiin ja meininkiin. Gym99:n käviä porukka vaikutti mukavalta ja henkilökuntakin oli aika rentoa poppoota. Alustavaa yhteistyökuviotakin alettiin totteuttamaan ja nyt on ihanan kipeänä lihakset tuttu kipu on palannut :D
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Kommentoija: Ocha | 28.05.2008 14.34
I was very impressed with my law proorssfes, much more than I had been with college proorssfes. I graduated from law school in 1970 and found Hart and Kingsfield to be stereotypes, but not that far off. When I arrived, I had no inkling of what the experience was going to be like. It was impressive for a professor to learn everyone's name and seat within a week. It was intimidating and challenging to know that you could be called upon at any time in classroom discussions. I at times resented the Socratic method, the hiding of the ball as it were, but in the end the experience was exciting and worthwhile. I was in a "hippy" class at Boalt Hall that distinguished itself by having grades deemphazied--T (top 10%), M (middle 80%) and L (bottom 10%) were the only grades in most classes. Also, it was Berkeley in the 60's--1968, the third world strike, 1969, People's Park; 1970, the bombing of Cambodia. Every man had the draft and Viet Nam waiting after graduation. I counseled students how to file conscientious objector claims and to confront their draft boards, counseled soldiers and fliers who wanted to stop, and worked in legal services with some brilliant advocates. To be a hippy lawyer, one had to do the work and learn the law first. Today 37 years later, my best friends are the ones I met in law school.The bench is an important and distinguished career move for most lawyers. It can be the end of a successful career, a political favor from a thankful executive, a stepping stone. Surely, the compensation should be adequate, but it cannot compete with corporate attorney wages. Law proorssfes make less than corporate attorneys, but they are no less knowledgeable of the law because of it.
Kommentoija: Hermas | 25.12.2015 6.03
-3- Roger,I think when you get into the area of safety (i.e. fire hyatdnrs), there needs to be a specific level of performance to ensure firefighters have the tools necessary to do their jobs. Inversely, people chose bulbs based on their performance levels (i.e. the light levels they produce). This is a personal choice in a lot of cases, especially when you talk about use in the home. Even when you think about lighting standards for public areas, it is about the light required for safety not how efficient the bulb produces that light.One of the areas that has always perplexed me was the contradictions or hypocrisy of these type of issues. For example, I can go buy a speed boat and run it up and down the lake towing water skiers and tubers, I can buy a big screen TV and watch it all day long or I can go to a (insert venue of choice here) that consumes massive amounts of energy for the pure intent of entertaining the masses. Why are these types of largely discretional consumptions of energy allowed as long as one is willing to pay for them, yet I cannot go buy a bulb of my choice? After all, I am willing to pay for it and its consumption.And thing of the children. Where will they be without the Easy Bake Oven!?!?
Kommentoija: kram | 26.12.2015 3.57
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