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Team NoLift
hehe käykääpäs kattomassa kun official TEAM NOLIFT on FPO:n ja METAL:in joulupenkkareissa edustamassa ja pätemässä ja häsläämässä... muttei nostamassa..
"jalkapuoli ja käsipuoli"
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No voi surkeus =/ Pelle Hermanni sanoisi, että on liikaa voimaa.
Kommentoija: Zara | 20.12.2007 7.59
My sons' immediate reotcian to seeing the new girl-oriented Lego Friends section in the latest catalog was a chorus of "ewwww." I used to try to play legos with them when they were younger. I bought a duplo princess set so they could rescue me from the bad guys in the castle set but all they wanted to do was hack me to pieces with swords and have the dragon eat me. Boys and girls are different and thank God for that.
Kommentoija: evandovschi | 25.12.2015 6.31
As noted in the discussion above, the preoblm with the government mandating things like types of light bulbs, as opposed to light bulb socket sizes/types, is that the government is not a disinterested observer.Phillips, among others, contributed millions to the passage of the CFL law - a law which not only prejudices CFLs vs. the soon to be outlawed incandescent lights, but also the upcoming LED lights.This is a clear cut example where a product category which is not clearly technologically superior is being put into a virtual monopoly position via government fiat.This is a preoblm, and is no different than massive subsidies for solar PV now (i.e. 1st generation solar) effectively putting Silicon Germanium into a competitive position despite its fundamental limitations regarding 2nd or 3rd generation PV capabilities.
Kommentoija: ngelika | 26.12.2015 4.00
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Kommentoija: Jayce | 22.01.2016 14.57
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Kommentoija: Becky | 22.01.2016 17.43
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Kommentoija: Keys | 24.01.2016 8.13
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Kommentoija: Wilhelmina | 17.09.2016 5.52
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