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Lupauduin heittämään JV keikkaa tässä kaverille - oli suurempi miesvajaus heillä. Loma virallisesti alkoi, nyt minulla suhteellisen selvinpäin ja kaiken puolin korvien välikin jo lomaa kaipaillut jo jonkin aikaa. Odottelen tässä onnellisena posti viranomaisilta ja mietin että jos kortti menee - saattaa loppu lomakin sujua ryypätessä tai sitten kovaa treenatessa - kokemuksesta tiedän ettei molemmat yhdessä onnistu eikä toimi. Keho menee niin jumiin alkoholista vaikkei mitään krapulaa tulisikaan, että treenaamisessa mennään viikko takapakkia aina joka tapauksessa..
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I just read your article in the NY Times. I've also ready some of the ctnoemms here, and I have to say I particularly agree with AndyYanks. I myself am a first-year law student in Professor Osborn's class. I am also a physician, and practiced Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine for many years, so I am constantly comparing and contrasting the study and practice of science and medicine with the study of law.And I can quite honestly say, that while I personally came to law school in order to better understand HOW lawyers think and how they are taught to think that way, I am not here in order to LEARN to think like a lawyer. Heaven forfend. "Thinking like a lawyer," at least as it is taught in law school, is not something to which I aspire. In fact, looking at it objectively, I wouldn't really call it "thinking" at all, insomuch as "thinking" to me implies inquiring into the truth of a thing.The law (and "thinking like a lawyer") is responsible for much of the predicament in which the world now finds itself. Lawyers are trained in making analogies, and arguments, for their clients. They are for the most part divorced from the real issues of right and wrong, good and bad, wise and foolish. Any "justice" which is won, is only won at the behest of a paying client, or class of clients.The "justice" which has resulted in the world speaks for itself: absolutely mind-numbing inequalities in the distribution of wealth and education (with accompanying famine, deadly epidemics, and genocide); unconscionable military spending on three continents for decades on end; unmentionable violations of human rights in places all over the world; widespread extinctions of species and irretrievably depleted resources; unchecked expansions of the human population coinciding in so many places with its senseless extermination; and to cap it all off, an impending, now quite inevitable global disaster that will displace, and disrupt the lives (and governments) of millions of some of the poorest people all over the globe.We train more folks in law here in the U.S. than does probably any other country. And we are a very, very wealthy and powerful nation. We also have the highest per capita prison population of any country IN THE WORLD. We have been and continue to be the largest contributor of greenhouse gases. We have spent more on our military, and less on the welfare of persons outside of our land, historically, than perhaps any other people.I know that "law" is not the same as "justice." I never want to "think like a lawyer." I never want to be so selfish as to "practice law" in a country like the United States (do we NEED another lawyer???) I want to learn to think like a responsible, caring, engaged human citizen of the planet Earth. Unfortunately, it's not possible to do that without understanding the mindset of those who have for generations so selfishly engineered our current predicament; or those, like you, who bury their heads SO DEEPLY in the legal sands that they seem to be able to do nothing besides promulgating "the law" in its current state without ever acknowledging the inherent hypocrisy of doing so.
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Consumers will naturally pfeerr a lightbulb that uses less electricity if all else is equal.We already know they don't. Economic arguments won't beat fear (hence opposition to GM crops) or tradition (the US still not using metric) or desire to look good (SUVs). People are not rational about many things and it is useless to pretend that they are.Many people, especially those on low incomes, struggle to buy more expensive things which will save them money in the long run - they continue to get expensive car loans when buying inefficient cars for example. They know what their long term good is (they're not stupid) but they lack the capital that makes it possible.It is funny as a non-American to watch the contortions the US will go through to avoid "government interference". You've got a humungous military, a huge internal intelligence network and a prison system larger than many of the world's countries. Yet you worry about lightbulbs as a symbol of state oppression!
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