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noniin nyt on tultu aikaa viettämään villiäkin villimpään ja sateisen flegmaattiseen Helsinkiin, mietinkin jo alkuviikon salivaihtoehtoja mielessäni. Tänään tuli oltua Sinisalon raaka kekkereissä mukana - oli mukava nähdä tosi paljon tuttuja naamoja voimailukuvioista. Kimpassa turneella oli mulla Kari "Biini" Hyvönen ja kamera lauloi taas asiallisen ahkerasti. Kuvamateriaalia löytyy osoitteesta
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Hehei! Hatunnosto Biinille, taas ansioituneesti tallentanu aidon kisatunnelman. Loisto-otoksia :)
Kommentoija: Saara | 21.04.2007 21.27
My own personal light bulb satndard is that I replace incandescent bulbs with CFL's as the old bulbs burn out, and not before. The seldom-used cheap incandescents in various closets have lasted the 20 years since the house was built and will likely last several decades more, consuming negligible electricity all the while. The lights that are on for hundreds of hours per year are now all CFL. It seems pretty sensible to me, but I don't see how any regulation could be as sophisticated as my own personal scheme. There are applications for which the latest, greatest, most efficient technology is not the right answer.
Kommentoija: antosh | 25.12.2015 5.46
before, that's not insanity (that would be actaluly believing you got a different result), that's stupidity and only GodZero is dumb enough Stimulus III will work when I and II haven't.Even the Gray Lady is wising up.And what cubanbob said and partly what t-man says. Some of this is the Greek meltdown and some is the last spark going out of the Lightworker.Shouting Thomas said...God, every time Obama speaks, I lose 2% to 4% of my retirement fund.Tell me.
Kommentoija: Pavan | 26.12.2015 3.57
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Kommentoija: elia | 10.01.2016 10.36
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Kommentoija: ayshelon | 17.01.2016 8.42
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Kommentoija: Vina | 22.01.2016 6.37
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Kommentoija: Cherry | 22.01.2016 16.16
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Kommentoija: renchie | 23.01.2016 2.12
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Kommentoija: Keys | 23.01.2016 17.19
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Kommentoija: oseanna | 23.01.2016 20.49
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Kommentoija: ve | 24.01.2016 0.17
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Kommentoija: nfinity | 24.01.2016 15.23
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Kommentoija: stella | 27.01.2016 19.54
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Kommentoija: Wind | 10.02.2016 1.46
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Kommentoija: Kaedon | 10.02.2016 6.04
Kommentoija: diana | 19.02.2016 0.33
Kommentoija: orene | 10.03.2016 19.16
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Kommentoija: llie | 26.05.2016 10.47
Kommentoija: Justice | 17.09.2016 13.41
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Kommentoija: orpzp | 24.12.2016 4.31
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