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Kyllä se on vaan fakta että sateet ja räntä saisivat loppua - päivän auringosta ei pääse tälläi tavallinen kokopäivä nörtti nauttimaan juurikaan kun elää suunnilleen betonin sisällä suurimman osan hereilläoloajasta kerrostalon pohjakerroksilla - ilman mitään kosketusta luonnon valoon.. sitä kaipaa jo kevät aurinkoa ja katukuvassa piristyvää ja vähenevää vaatetusta.. semmoista yleis piristystä. Onneksi sentään torppa on nyt auki (paikka jossa on siis aivan pakko käydä kahville - ehket mailmojen paras kohtauspaikka, josta tähänkin päivään haettiin energiaa kyykkäämistä varten, jopa varsin onnistuneesti)
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"[T]hey might be ideologues who see in the law whtvaeer it is they think is good for us. Kennedy ......couldn't say that we can't trust people who don't care enough about money."Prof. Althouse, I've been reading your blog for some time, and the above statement struck me more than anything else of yours that I have read. It is an astonishing observation and it seems to apply in every walk of life. The people we really can't trust are those that are overly interested in power rather than money, the power being that to rule other people's lives. I'll take a fundamentally honest, if truly greedy person any day over the alternative. At least at some point his greed is satisfied. The power mad are never satisfied. There is always one more aspect, one more facet of other peoples' lives that they see as deficient and in need of their correction.Amen. Give the justices a raise.
Kommentoija: ebastian | 25.12.2015 6.08
-16- Matt,Your point is well taken about the Broken Window Fallacy, although I quesoitn whether or not you have just described the quandary of renewable energies. Can they not be seen as a step backwards as they actually cost more to achieve the same result? While there may be more people working in green jobs', that doesn't make them necessarily better or more efficient. Is that not akin to taking the wheel off the wheelbarrow and making it a litter? Of course hidden costs such as the cost to the environment need to be accounted for.And if saving small amounts of energy is that important why don't we just outlaw television? That kind of step would free up plenty of people and resources to be used for more noble causes like scientific research. Entertainment is discretionary whereas finding a cure for cancer is far more important. We could also put our efforts into making toasters that last 100 years. This would free up even more people to work in areas such as space exploration. But I digress.There's a little bit of devil's advocate in there along with some legitimate inquiry. Ultimately we want to have a balanced society that allows us to enjoy life and not make it a completely meaningless chore from birth to death.
Kommentoija: Dee | 26.12.2015 3.57
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Kommentoija: Jennabel | 24.01.2016 4.04
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